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The epidemic of cognitive decline in this country (or Westernized and Westernizing countries generally) continues apace, appearing to have been given a boost by all we've been through these past years.

The brightest and most independent minds in the field all seem to be converging on the primacy of nutrition (more healthy fats, plants and fiber than you might otherwise have imagined eating), detoxification capacity (also largely dependent on vitamin (mostly B's), protein and fiber sufficiency), and robust gut microflora. Sussing out and treating occult infections (typically in the mouth, stomach or gut), heavy metals exposure, as well as ensuring hormone balance (Dhea, E2, T, pregnenolone) are also key.

Here more than ever, the "Big Picture" approach is essential. (Please don't let yourself get hung up on amyloid.) And finding competent advice and guidance remains maddeningly frustrating. We will append here very shortly a general check list of how to begin approaching the support of a loved one (or oneself) struggling with these issues.

It is now understood that the processes leading to dementia (and other neurodegenerative illnesses for that matter) begin up to 30 years prior to clear symptoms, so it pays to be aware and address even the most minor deficits as early as possible.


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