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Advances (and no, I don't mean lecanumab and aducanumab) in this field have absolutely exploded since I first put this site together. It might sound like a slogan, but Dr. Dale Bredesen's recent neologism, "Alzheimer's is now optional" is really beginning to be proved true.*

The most recent proof arrived just last month in the form of a Journal of Alzheimer's Disease paper by San Diego-based naturopath, Dr. Heather Sandison, along with some of the Apollo Health luminaries. I have written extensively, even breathlessly, about this over the past six weeks, so please utilize the various links provided (or contact me) if this topic grabs you as it does me.

1. The (extensive) baseline (functional medicine type) testing performed (Table 1)
2. The various interventions & dosages (Table 2)
3. Who (and %) of the 23 were discovered to have what (Table 3)
4. The number (and %) of participants judge to require each intervention (Table 4)

It is now understood that the processes leading to dementia (and other neurodegenerative illnesses, for that matter) begin at least 10 and possibly 20+ years prior to the onset of the most noticeable signs and symptoms of cognitive decline. So it pays to be aware of and to act upon even the most minor deficits as early as possible. Do not dismiss these things as part of the normal process of aging; they are not.

As elfin Dr. Daniel Amen is fond of saying on those day-long PBS fund-drive marathons, "You either have bad habits or you've been exposed to something." It's often both.

And, of course, it is much, much easier to reverse Subjective Cognitive Impairment (you know something's not quite right, but for now nobody else seems to have caught on) and even Moderate Cognitive Impairment (loved ones or work colleagues are beginning to worry, or worse yet, to whisper) than it is full-on dementia.

Dr. Kat Toups, from the San Francisco Bay Area, presented results from a similar (but not quite as seismic) research study at the IFM's annual meeting in Orlando, FL in April. I promise to post a summary recap of her presentation before the summer is out.

*see also, a YouTube interview with Dr. Dale Bredesen and Hong Kong-based Feisal Alibhai, of Qineticare Integrative Health & Wellbeing

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