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As we say goodbye to the trauma, loss & demagogic politics of the past 3 years, we have decided to make a special push toward mental health— focusing on non-drug approaches to treating and protecting against insomnia, anxiety, depression and other mood disorders.

The approach of Dr. James Greenblatt (Walden, MA), which actually mirrors that of an 1980's era, ground-breaking, way ahead of his time, Bethesda-area integrative psychiatrist Dr. Robert Heyada, seems especially thoughtful and respectful of all the inter-connecting inputs that play key roles in psycho-emotional wellness. His clever mnemonic ZEBRA can be a helpful check-list vastly under-appreciated by the conventional world of medicine and psychiatry: zinc (and other key minerals), essential fatty acids, B vitamins, rebalancing gut microflora, and amino acids (which, in turn, means assuring both adequate protein intake and digestive function if you are not directly supplementing with amino acids).


We will soon post here some of the products Dr. Greenblatt has developed for Pure Encapsulations.

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