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The Integrative Annual Congress Comes To Town

Updated: Apr 28

It's a pretty exciting lineup of presentations, so I thought I would share it here. It will really be the first IHS meeting since 2019 where we will actually be able to see & speak to one another. So again, kind of exciting.

Where the conference organizers or speakers have provided interesting or potentially useful outlines/descriptions of a particular presentation, I have inserted a hyperlink. I've also added hyperlinks to the bios of the plenary and keynote speakers, with the exception of the group plenary session at the end of the first day.

Digital recordings of the sessions are typically available in mid-March, and I am happy to share any of them, just ask-- although Joel Evans (delivering the "Longevity Medicine/Predictive Genomics" talk this year) typically asks that his session not be recorded.

Day One

  1. (Plenary, David Perlmutter) Mind over Metabolism – Choosing Brain Health

  2. Integrative Healthcare in Menopause

  3. Clinical Use of MSC Exosomes

  4. The Hyperoxic-Hypoxic Paradox: Unraveling Its Potential in Regenerative Medicine

  5. Applying Personalized Nutrition for Skin Health and Beauty

  6. Lifestyle Medicine

  7. GLP-1 Hormone, Medications & Integrative Treatment Protocols

  8. Nitric Oxide: The Ins and Outs of Its Clinical Significance

  9. The Original Magic Bullet: Methylene Blue. History, Mechanisms, Dosing, and Clinical Applications

  10. Naturopathic Treatment of Tick-Borne Disease: A Deep Dive into the Pathophysiology of Lyme Disease and Babesia and the MOAs of Herbal Intervention

  11. The Solution to Weight Loss Is to Stop Trying to Lose Weight

  12. Functional Psychiatry: Getting to the Root Cause of Depression and Anxiety

  13. Vagus Nerve Stimulation – Inflammatory Control to Improved Cognition

  14. (Plenary) Personalized Nutrition: Creating & Implementing Successful Plans

Day Two

Day Three

  1. (Plenary, Ken Pelletier) Change Your Genes – Change Your Life: Epigenetics of Longevity

  2. An Integrative Approach to Treating Viral Induced Autoimmune Disease

  3. Neuroinflammation: Environmental Mechanisms and Opportunities

  4. Navigating the Terrain of Therapeutic Diets for GI Disorders

  5. The Latest in Longevity Medicine: Predictive Genomics

  6. Medical Uses of Cannabis and CBD

  7. Leaky Gut, Leaky Brain: An Integrative, Evidence-Based Approach to Pediatric Neuropsychiatric Disorders

  8. Augustine’s Dietarchy of Needs – Eating for Who You Aspire to Be

  9. Technological Addictions: The New Frontier in Addiction Psychiatry

  10. Post Viral Syndrome/Long COVID Recovery

  11. Cognitive Health: Mental Deterioration or Just Brain Fog: A Naturopathic and Genetics-Based Approach to Diagnosis and Management

  12. (Plenary, Jeffrey Bland) Gut Microbiome and Pre-Autoimmune Diseases – Functional Immunology in Clinical Practice

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