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See the Big Picture

The intricate, delicate interconnected strands of a spider's web


To treat mood and mind, look to the body. Nutritional status, hormone balance, food sensitivities, toxins and digestive function influence not only mood and memory but also bone & brain health, sleep quality and immunity.

The idea that afflictions such as anxiety and autism, ADHD and Alzheimer's, can be effectively treated, not by administering psychoactive medication, but by investigating and repairing the body's most basic biochemistry & physiology is resisted by most conventionally trained clinicians.

The brain, though, is not magically disconnected from the rest of the body. And if pressed to explain something like Wernicke's encephalopathy or streptococcal associated pediatric autoimmune neuropsych disorders, even the most Cartesian of clinicians would struggle to argue otherwise.

How can the biology of the brain not be affected by the biology of the body? Stripped of our cultural programming, we understand this almost intuitively. It's the medical specialties and insurance reimbursement codes that want us to chop our bodies up into discrete, disconnected bits.

So not only might your joint pains, skin rash, irritable bowel, and depression, like a spider's marvelously woven web, be all interconnected; but it could also be that the only way to lifelong good health is by seeing and honoring the proverbial "Big Picture."

Meet The Team



    Joaquim is always dreaming up new ways to reach more people with the transformative power of an "everything affects everything" Big Picture health thinking.



      Our nutrition savant. Foundational health is really as simple as getting the essential stuff in and the bad stuff out. A strong core, community connections and walking 2-3 miles everyday—preferably outdoors—also don't hurt.



        Yos is our communications & logistics guy, making sure that everything runs seamlessly, smooth and fun. He speaks Catalan + Spanish. Go Barça!

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