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Even before our worlds shuttered and telehealth came into its own, Designs for Health was ahead of the game, having launched its Well World all-in-one platform in fall of 2019. What is Well World exactly though?

In all humility, Well World portends to be a game changing, one stop wellness platform, offering specially curated Designs for Health supplement programs, individualized food plans, and both synchronous and asynchronous communication with a functional medicine trained healthcare practitioner. 


Well World is a HIPAA-compliant virtual dispensary and engagement solution designed for integrative health and wellness practices. Here functional medicine practitioners, and their customers/clients can get and stay connected!


Getting Started Is Easy:

  1. Just search for and download the Well World app (iPhone or Android)

  2. Then email or message us through site to receive registration code. It's super cool-- and the DFH team is adding new features every couple of months.

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